1. This is a rec only tournament and at least 90% of each roster MUST be from the same community
  2. A player’s age is the age on or before May 1st, 2024.  There is however, a grade exemption…meaning a 4th grader in 2024 is considered 10 years old, a 6th grader in 2024 is considered legal as a 12 year old, and an 8th grader in 2024 is considered legal as a 14 year old.  Please have proof of either grade and/or age on hand for any player that may be in question
  3. No bat restrictions
  4. Game balls will be provided.  Please have a couple used balls on hand in case foul balls do not make it back into play
  5. All rosters MUST be submitted before tourney play begins.  You may not add to your roster after your first game commences
  6. Games will be 6 innings (7 innings for 14U).  No new inning will start after 1:45 in pool play and bracket play.  There will be no time limit during the championship game.  Games will be considered official if 4 innings are completed OR 3 ½ innings have been played and the home team is ahead.  Ties are permissible during pool play only
  7. Mercy rule: 12 runs after 3 innings, 10 runs after 4 innings and 8 runs after 5 innings
  8. For 10U there will be a 5 run limit for innings 1-5 and no run limit in the 6th
  9. Courtesy runners for catchers are permitted and ENCOURAGED at any time to speed up gameplay.  This will be the last recorded out (if roster batting) or a bench player
  10. Home team will keep the official book.  It is the responsibility of the visiting team to check with the official scorekeeper BEFORE the completion of the game to verify score.  All line-up changes must be reported to the official scorekeeper
  11. Pitching Rules – Max innings/player shall be no more than 9 outs in a single game (10U & 12U) AND 30 outs max (10 innings) for the tournament (ALL Divisions). (Encouraged to keep a pitch count to ensure the well being of all pitchers).  1 balk warning per team/per game in 12U.  No balks in 10U.
  12. A pitcher MUST be removed from the game if he hits 3 batters in the same game
  13. Each coach is responsible for texting the final score of each game to Jake or Bill along with their pitcher’s last name and jersey number with the number of outs pitched.  If a pitcher is found to have thrown more than the max innings allowable, then that game will be considered a forfeit
  14. Dropped 3rd strike rule is in effect for the 12U & 14U division
  15. There will be no infield practice.  Grounders may be taken in foul territory prior to the game
  16. All teams must be ready to play 30 minutes early if we happen to be ahead of schedule
  17. A manager may visit EACH pitcher 1 time, the second visit will result in removal of said pitcher
  18. Roster batting is permissible and encouraged.  If a team roster bats, open substitutions are permitted.  Only exemption is the pitcher…once removed in a game he cannot reenter (This is different from Wayne Co. League Rules)
  19. Outfield consists of (4) outfielders in the 10U division and (3) in the 12U division
  20. No head first sliding in the 10U division (except back to a base), allowed in 12U
  21. No Delayed Steals
  22. A runner is out when…The runner does not slide, or attempt to get around a fielder who has the ball is awaiting to make a tag.  THERE IS NO MUST SLIDE RULE, this will be at the umpire’s discretion.  Common sense is to slide if there is a play
  23. No metal cleats for 10U and 12U.  Metal cleats are allowed for 14U
  24. There will be a $50 non-refundable protest fee.  All protests will be resolved immediately by the tourney director or a tourney representative
  25. Field dimensions are as follows:
    1. 46’/60’ – 10U
    2. 50’/70’ – 12U
    3. 54’/80’-14U
  26. No lead offs in 10U division.  If a runner is found to have left early, he may be called out.  They are however permissible in the 12U division.
  27. If a batter squares to bunt, he may NOT pull back and attempt to swing to promote player safety.  THIS WILL BE AN AUTOMATIC OUT
  28. Infield fly rule is in effect for all age divisions, runners may advance at their own risk
  29. 3 game guarantee
  30. Pool play tiebreakers are as follows and in this order:
    1. Head to head
    2. Runs allowed
    3. Run differential (8 run max per game when figuring seeding)
    4. Runs scored
  31. There will be a ZERO tolerance policy for all players, coaches and fans when dealing with obscenities and outbursts.  You may be removed at the umpires discretion
  32. 12U & 14U one balk warning per pitcher
  33. A player may be skipped if injured and not incur an out



RAIN REFUND POLICY: 0 games played = 100% refund, 1 game played = 50% refund, 2 games played = 0% refund.


*With any questions/concerns AND to report scores and pitching results please contact us at:

Jake Kraft (330) 749-8975 or Bill (330) 641-9617


*We have a full concession stand located in b/t Fields 1 & 2


*The tourney director reserves the right to change game times and locations if necessary.  In the event of rain, we will make EVERY effort to complete pool play…however we do reserve the right to condense if necessary


*We will have a Homerun Derby (10U & 12U) on Saturday from 10-2 (Cost is $10 per attempt (10 swings) and you can go as many times as you like)