OABGC Club (CAVS) Basketball League

We have leagues for k-2 Jr. Dribblers, 3rd & 4th Boys, 3rd & 4th Girls, 5th & 6th Boys, and 5th & 6th Girls.  This league will start the Cavs clinic on Thursday October 27th and runs til Christmas break.  We will have games and practices through the week with occasional Saturday games if necessary.  This league is designed for all skill levels to play together and allow every child a meaningful chance to participate.  Signups begin October 10th and run til October 23rd.

OABGC Travel Basketball

This is for any 3rd-6th grade boys or girls.  We generally have teams for 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th for both the boys and girls.  These teams are designed for players who want to continue to play after the Club league season is over.  These teams will travel to either Wooster to participate in their community leagues where they play against community teams (Not AAU).  They may also have the chance to participate in some weekend tournaments.  Practices usually run through the week with games and tournaments on the weekends.