Orrville Youth Girls Wrestling
Many youth wrestling programs in Ohio have had more girls join their teams. Schools
such as Perry, Mentor, Watkins, and Olentangy Orange now have separate girls teams
for the youth ladies. Orrville is hoping to get on this bandwagon.
Girls will practice with the boys team unless noted otherwise.
As of now the OYWA does not offer girls tournaments so there will be registration fees
for tournaments and a dual schedule is being built.
Coaches and Certifications
Jaycee Bailey- USA Wrestling TEAL coaching certification
Benefits of Girls Wrestling
● Builds Confidence
● Teaches Nutrition and healthy habits
● Builds friendships
● There’s a weight class for everyone, big or small
● Helps teach self defense
Contact Information
Jaycee Bailey- baileyjaycee22@gmail.com or call 330-930-0011
Bill Thistlethwaite- bthistlethwaite@oabgc.com